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Vir is in numerous wold-fusion bands, including Hamsa Lila, The Dogon Lights, and House of Hamsa.

He has collaborated with greats such as Mickey Hart from the Grateful Dead, David Satori from beats Antique, and more.

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Afro-hip hop

Based in Oakland CA, The Dogon Lights create an undeniable, funky and energetic dance atmosphere that takes the listener straight to the stars.
Their unique traditional skin and wood instruments are played over Hot Afrodelic Grooves and inspired vocals in multiple languages.

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house of hamsa

Global Shamanic Odyssey

House of Hamsa, features members of Dirtwire, Hamsa Lila,
Liberation Movement, Heavyweight Dub Champion,
and The Dogon Lights.

House of Hamsa melds ancient shamanic instruments, analog synthesizers, live mixing,
and electronic artistry to create a one-of-a-kind improvisational ceremonial journey.
“A shamanic global odyssey”. House of Hamsa is not a band, its an experience.

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Evan Fraser & Vir McCoy: Global Roots

     Evan Fraser and Vir McCoy are accomplished multi-instrumentalists who have been recording and performing music together in different bands over the last 20 years. As a duo they play mostly traditional ethnic instruments and champion a unique global roots sound. Both Evan and Vir have a lifetime of dedication to and immersion in music.

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ride it - the dogon lights

Afro-Hip Hop

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